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Red Wing Vienna / Yamaha SCR 950

Red Wing Vienna / Yamaha SCR 950

The idea of a joint project with Yamaha Motor Austria and Red Wings shoes emerged during the Club of Newchurch Festival in 2018. 

After a quick brainstorm, it was clear that the classic and timelessness of the Yamaha Scrambler SCR 950 and the signature leather from Red Wings would be the core elements of the cooperation. 

Red Wings was established in 1905 in the town of Red Wings, Minnesota, and has produced since then robust and welted shoes. Today it still manufacturers using the original machines. 

The shoes stand for long life and are made of excellent and fine leather which with time gets more beautiful and softer. 

The leather from the SCR 950 saddle and handlebars have been manufactured just for this partnership, in the original tannery in Red Wings. 

The Red Wings icons, 875 Red Wing Moc Toe and 877 Red Wing 8-Inch Classic Moc Toe, are made of highest quality leather, and have optimal conditions for the ageing process, getting the incredible and beautiful patina. 

For the special modification, Yamaha Motor Austria has provided a model from the very successful Sport Heritage segment. The Yamaha SCR950 embodies a stylish motorcycle with V2 engine and the lines of a cult Scramblers, which harmonizes in their philosophy perfectly with the Red Wings shoes models. 

Due to the geometry, Scrambler motorcycles offer a smooth and versatile driving pleasure. The frame of the SCR950 has also been designed for a comfortable sitting position. The wide handlebar is designed to emphasize the Scrambler style with a cross brace, the ends of which were decorated with handles made of high quality Red Wing leather. The handles set eye-catching elegant accents. The teardrop-shaped fuel tank with its harmonic line was stuck in the timeless style of the late sixties and boasts an impressive 13.2 liters. Like the handles, the saddle was lovingly crafted by Alex Weiss, the mastermind of Lucky Bastard Leather (www.lucky-bastard-leather.com). Alex Weiss paid special attention to making sure the seam line and the stitching technique are implemented the way they are handled in the Red Wing Moc Toe. Fine details on the edge are also the interplay of smooth leather and rough-out leather, which is also used in many special models. The feel of the heel construction of the shoes on the motorcycle saddle and the lacing of the leather with laces on the handles are the icing on the cake of the design.


The joint project will be exhibited at the following events:


Club of Newchurch Festival 2019 (June 20th to 23rd, Neukirchen am Großvenediger)

Moto Circle Festival 2019 (September 7th-8th, Vienna)

The Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride 2019 (September 29, Vienna)


In the meantime, you can also see the motorcycle in the Red Wing Shoe Store Vienna on the Lerchenfelderstraße 65, 1070 Vienna.


Opening hours: 


Mo-Fr 10:00 - 18:00

Saturday 10:00 - 17:00



Phone: 01 / 94 44 297


Photo Credits: Markus Kloiber, www.markuskloiber.com

Digital Imaging: Roman Keller at [Malkasten] Vienna, www.malkasten.at